Ten millions of polluted farmland will be restored in the 13

Issuing time:2018-12-01 19:29
Ten millions of polluted farmland will be restored in the 13th five years plan
        The 13th five years plan submitted to national congress in 2016 contains one hundred key projects in the five years, which include the restoration of ten millions of farmland and control of forty millions of polluted farmland.
        According to the national polluted soil investigation, there is fifty millions of farmland polluted. The restoration of soil and control of polluted soil in the 13th years plan is perhaps for the polluted farmland. While, we can’t make sure that what kind of farmland is included in these ten million acres of farmlands.
        Polluted soil of so many acres is the unique problem for our country. According to the data analysis, only Japan and TaiWan do soil restoration beside our country.
        According to the current data, the measures taken by other countries to deal with soil pollution is to control, while how to really restore soil specifies no good measure.
        It is too expensive to restore soil based on current technology. Now there is soil in GungDong province, GuangXi province, HuNan province and other provinces restored, While the cost of soil restoration is up to thirty to fifty thousand yuan per acre. Therefore, it has to cost thirty billon to fifty billon yuan to restore ten million acres of farmland. It is too costly to restore forty million acres of farmland.
        Our country has huge acres of contaminated soil with limited fund without rational way to carry soil restoration. Even if there are some problems to solve of restoring soil with organic fertilizer, while it is the right goal we are working for. And we are taking leading position in this field.

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