Is there prospect of biomass energy?

Issuing time:2018-12-01 19:30


           Facing the quick change of the world and emergency of new technology, new products, I will fall behind if I don’t learn any more, because I am older than most of you, therefore, the main goal of my visit is to learn. The theme of the meeting is so attractive than the energy can be planted, not explored. Indeed, human being has entered the age of new energy. There are many ways to divide human being development. With energy as standard to divide human being development, human being use fuel as energy before eighteen century.
           Human being enters the age of industry when the fossil fuels become main energy and the productivity of human being gets huge improved.
           After two hundred years, the fossil fuel becomes very expensive and people begin to worry about whether the fossil fuel will be dried up, at the same time, there is more greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. I come to WuHan from GuangZhou by high speed railway, which is authorized by me when I am in charge of railway system. Although I have a happy journey by high speed train, the weather is terrible. It seems that the problem of frog and maize is very serious not only in BeiJing but also in many places in the whole country.
           Now climate change becomes more and more serious political issue, and there are many discussions about sustainable development. Many governments have promised to cut emission; besides, JinTao Hu, the former president of China has promised that the non-fossil energy will account 15% of the whole energy structure in China, while, in the 12th five years plan, the target is 11.4%, which means the non-fossil energy will account 11.4% in the whole energy structure.
           In the APEC meeting, after the discussion between JinPing Xi, president of China and Obama, president of US, Chinese government promised that the emission of greenhouse gas will come to peak in 2030. It is the first time that we make promise to the international community that the account of non-fossil energy will be up to 20%, 15% higher than 2020. We get rough calculation that the change will happen in the field of waterpower.
           In 2014, China's hydropower installed capacity is up to 1000 kWh, which accounts 18% of the whole electricity. The hydropower accounts more than 9% in the field of primary energy, which means hydropower accounts most in the field of non-fossil energy.
          In the recent years, wind power, nuclear power getting quick development accounts little in the field of energy. Although the international community highly praises the wind power of our country, while, the wind power only accounts 2% of the whole energy structure. The non-fossil energy accounts less in the primary energy, such as solar accounting 0.6%, biomass energy accounting much less, nuclear energy accounting much less than wind power. Therefore, hydropower accounts most in the field of non-fossil energy.
         The core issue of energy safety is oil, while other kinds of energy such as electricity, coal are not fuss. Last year, our country imported three hundred million tons of crude oil, which accounts almost 60% of all oil of our country. If we can produce crude oil from biomass, it makes great contribution to the issue of energy safety. The group meeting organized by JinPing Xi stresses the oil safety and oil storage.
         Two group meetings organized by JinPing Xi mentioned energy issue, which shows that the leaders of our government focus on the energy safety.
         When I work in the government, I do something about the full utilization of biomass, which is not successful. Mr Li said that they have tried to make alcohol from corn in five provinces. Later somebody said that China is lack of grain, then, it is not practical for China to make alcohol from grain. Then, we make oil from alfalfa, which doesn’t produce good economy interest.
         We also tried to make oil from crop straw. We have built a factory in JiLin province, which produces a lot of straw crops. While, the operation of the factory is full of difficulty. Besides, we also plant barbados nut, which we want to use to produce oil.
         Recently, I went to an industry institute in TaiWan, where people produce butanol from biomass. Butanol can be used in the air field. Besides, we can also produce oil from Apatococcus lobatus studied by ENN group, which can’t make profit right now.
         Mr Li said that we can make biogas from biomass, which was carried out before. The main components of biogas are hydrogen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide. The biomass can produce methane gas under proper temperature.
         The background of the meeting is that KaiDi company makes a equipment of producing hydrocarbon from biomass. The hydrocarbon is full of hydrogen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide. It can work in theory that we can make oil from hydrocarbon with proper catalyzer.
         People will doubt any innovation whether it can produce economy interest, we can transform the technology to productivity. KaiDi company made a lot of introductions to many departments in Beijing. Generally, I think that the quantity of oil from biomass is too small, which can’t meet the demand of WuHan city.
         I told you another story. When DiWen Zhu comes to China, I discussed with him about the effectiveness of CCS. Obviously, he firmly supports CCS. I said that China produces nine billion and eight hundred million tons of carbon dioxide every year and the whole world will produce million tons of carbon dioxide. What will happen to climate even if you capturing one hundred million tons of carbon dioxide. Therefore, you had better plant trees to absorb carbon dioxide.
        There are many things can be planted in the desert such as salix mongolica, red willow and so on. WenBiao Wang, a businessman, plants salix mongolica in the northern part of BeiJing city. While, there are many places proper for the growth of tree and grass in China. Many people try to do CCS, while, they get little achievement.
        The full utilization of biomass can get many achievements at the same time. Recently, I visit US and find out that many Chinese businessmen come to US to do research about biomass energy such as WeiGui from ZhongXing company, who plants red sorghum in the northern part of China, GuangChang Guo from FuXing company, who does research on biomass energy and Atas doing research on solar energy. They plant switchgrass imported from US to make alcohol and so on. It will have bright prospect if they do research on them with the combination of biomass energy.
         It is not successful for us to replace corn with crop straw to produce alcohol, although it has many kinds of raw material such as cotton straw in XinJiang and red willow. If these raw materials can be fully used, it will make great contribution to the development of energy.

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